Currently living in Scarborough on the North Yorkshire coast, my photography 'apprenticeship' was spent wandering aimlessly without a plan - armed with a camera and several lenses while hunting for landscape images that others had not captured. 
In my kit bag, would always be a rope to access the awkward to reach places and granny/grandpa grips (tungsten studs) for wading through slippery streams etc. It was rare that I returned with dry feet. 
Having learned how to use a camera on sedentary subjects and having exhausted my search of the local area for outstanding scenery and slippery streams, I have since moved towards working with people as subjects - favouring the challenge and expression of concept/surreal photography, but also enjoying documentary/events/people-in-environments/portraits and more recently - weddings. 
I am Paul, I love my wife, kids and dog (Reg). I do photography.
If I can be of any assistance to you, whether that be your wedding, a personalised photo-shoot, commercial work, bespoke tuition, or even just to buy one of my images, please get in touch via my contact page.
Thanks very much for reading.

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